A Comics Show To Be Named Later with Naomi Franquiz and Desiree Rodriguez


On this episode I'm joined by the amazing duo of Naomi Franquiz (Misfit City, Tales From Harrow County, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) and Desiree Rodriguez (Group Editor for Lion Forge Catalyst Prime Universe, Eisner winning editor of Puerto Rico Strong) to talk about everything from Puerto Rican food, video games, and of course comics. 

We talk about how both of them got into the world of comics, their collaboration in the upcoming Manana Anthology for Power and Magic press, and some of their all time favorite comics. 

You can find Naomi online at @Naomifranq on Twitter and Instagram and you can find Desiree at @Boricuadesiree. 

A Comics Show To Be Named Later with Joe Glass


This episode I chat with writer Joe Glass, creator of The Pride, an LGBTI superhero story now a part of Comixology Originals. 

We discuss reading American comics in the UK, his writing process, taking The Pride from a Kickstarter to Comixology, and his love for X-Men. 

Joe wanted to shout out Forbidden Planet International in the UK. Check them out to see how you can support. 

You can find Joe Glass online at @JosephGlass on Twitter and The Pride on Comixology. 

A Comics Show To Be Named Later with David Crispino


On this episode I speak with my friend and comics writer David Crispino. We discuss the books that got him into comics (Calvin and Hobbs, The Marvel Superheros RPG) his own comics work, his experience at the legendary Morrisoncon, and books he's enjoying now (X-Men, Hill House, Protector, The Last God, and many more). 

Dave also has an awesome Kickstarter going now with Tony Gregori for their amazing series Ancient Noise. They're super close to funding and there's plenty of time for you to help out, so check them out here! https://tinyurl.com/y7k9rou8

Finally Dave wanted to shout out Collectors Corner here in Baltimore. If you have any comics needs, feel free to check them out! 

You can find Dave on Twitter @DavidCrispino 

A Comics Show To Be Named Later with Henry Barajas


On this episode I speak with writer Henry Brarajas, author of the incredible La Voz De M.A.Y.O. Tata Rambo. We talk about the origins and process of La Voz, Latinx comics, and the influences of books like March, Persepolis, and Maus.

Henry shouts out Heroes and Villains in Tuscon, Arizona so check them out! 

You can find Henry online at @HenryBarajas on Twitter! 



A Comics Show To Be Named Later with Gene Selassie


On this episode I talk with Gene Selassie, comic writer, wrestling journalist, and Iron Man super fan. 

We talk about his transition from a reader to a creator, the relationship between wrestling and comics, and some of his favorite comics and creators (Dwayne McDuffie, Warren Ellis, Mark Waid), and Iron Man, Judge Dread, and a dream pairing of The Question and Moon Knight and Doom Patrol/X-Men. 

Gene also shouts out Rogues Gallery in Austin, Texas. If you're in the area check them out and support. 

Follow Gene at @GeneSelassie and look out for more work from him coming soon! 

A Comics Show To Be Named Later with Zack Quaintance


Another episode of some good old comics talk with Zack Quaintance of both The Comics Beat and Comics Bookcase and discuss the world of comics journalism. 

We also get into some of his current favorites like Ice Cream Man and Lazarus, and some of his all time favorites like Astro City and Gotham Central. 

You can read Zack's latest piece here

We also shout out local shops like Big Planet Comics, Fantom Comics, and Third Eye Comics. 

Stay safe everyone and read comics! 

A Comics Show To Be Named Later with Skylar Patridge


More comics chat, this time with Skylar Patridge, comics artist most recently of Relics of Youth (Vault Comics). 

We talk about her early days getting into comics, first projects and current projects, and our mutual love of bad horror films. We also talk about Velvet, Beautiful Killer, Crossgen, and more! 

Skylar also shouts out a few local stores in New Mexico, Big Adventure, Astro Zombies and Twin Suns! 

Stay tuned for more soon! And check out Skylar on Twitter at @Skyepatridge. 

A Comics Show to Be Named Later with Mike Morrocco and Gary Thompson


Another episode of A Comics Show to Be Named Later with artist Mike Morrocco and Gary Thompson, Director at Dead Reckoning. 

We discuss Mike and Gary's college days together, their work at Dead Reckoning, and of course our favorite comics including Dan Slott's She-Hulk, Daniel Warren Johnson's Wonder Woman, and a bunch of different X-Men runs. Also a possible Marvel Vs Capcom comic?

Mike and Gary also shout out Collectors Corner and Atomic Books in Baltimore. 

Hopefully you enjoy. Stay safe and read comics! 



A Comics Show To Be Named Later with Cliff Bumgardner


Hey all! As we're all stuck inside I thought it would be a good escape to jump back into some interviews. This is going to be a departure from the regular show but still about love, specifically our love of comics! 

This is the first episode of an ongoing series of interviews with comics creators, journalists, and fans about the comics they love! On this episode I talk with Cliff Bumgardner, writer, filmmaker, and one of the winners of the 2016 MillarWorld Annual contest.

We talk about his love for Mark Millar’s books, his entry into comics, the new Hill House books from DC and Joe Hill, and Powers by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.

He also shouts out some local shops in North Carolina who are still open for business, Ultimate Comics and Arkham Comix.

Check out Cliff here:@Cliffbumgardner and read some comics!

Episode 7: Three’s Company with Rhayne Coleman


It's the season 1 finale! I'm joined by the amazing Rhayne Coleman (host of many fine podcasts) to talk all about love triangles in comics. What makes them so compelling and what are some of our favorites? Archie, Betty, Veronica? Scott, Logan, Jean? Reed, Sue, Namor? 

You can follow Rhayne @carefreeblerd and find all of his podcasts here: http://carefreeblacknerd.com/

Also check back soon for info on season 2!

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